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Wherever you find yourself today, Swastha is all about finding your personal state of balanced optimal health, to help you feel great in both body and mind.

21st Century living with its multiple demands & expectations can be challenging to navigate. We work, and live, in a high pressure, always-on environment, constantly bombarded with information and with so many priorities to juggle it’s easy for taking care of ourselves & investing in our health to fall to the bottom of the list.

That’s why I am a passionate believer in the power of holistic therapies in making healthy a way of life rather than something for your to do list.


    "The mindfulness sessions run by Helen have provided me with a great coping mechanism for stressful times. The particular techniques that Helen has taught us can be used at both work and at home and really do help put things into perspective and show the importance of being present and focusing on one thing at a time. As an instructor, Helen has a very calming and soothing approach which makes me feel comfortable during the sessions."


    "I thoroughly enjoy Helen's Tuesday night yoga classes. She has a lovely manner and makes you feel welcome and comfortable. Having tried other yoga classes with other teachers I feel I get the most out of Helen's sessions. There is the right amount of challenge and support- she is very attentive to your own ability/needs and tailors the classes accordingly."


    "Working with Helen was a very pleasurable experience. Her whole demeanour is calming and instils confidence in the work she is undertaking. She offers a system that looks at the whole body so the individual plans she devises for each person combine various methods to improve overall health."


    "As our mindfulness teacher and guide, Helen has enabled us to experiment with different practices and techniques and listened intently at what has and hasn’t worked for each of us. She is always on hand to offer us advice and support with a good wealth of knowledge and experience and has been an invaluable part in us all continuing each of our own personal mindfulness journeys."


    "It was my first time coming to pure yoga sessions. Helen listened carefully to my needs and adapted the sessions appropriately, only progressing as and when I was ready. She has a wonderful calm manner."


    "Helen made me feel very welcome. I didn't think yoga was for 14 year olds, but Helen made it relevant for me and adapted the session to suit my ability."


    "For me personally, the mindfulness sessions have been totally trans-formative. I have already seen the benefits in multiple aspects of my own life and since beginning the course I continue to embed the practice and philosophy into my daily life."


    "The Sunday morning restorative yoga is fantastic. The best way to relax and recharge. It is brilliant to float home afterwards and make the rest of the weekend totally calm and stress free as I have a tendency to whizz and not relax. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough."


    "I find the mindfulness sessions invaluable both from a professional and personal perspective. Professionally I feel it helps me to focus on tasks and prioritise work load. Personally it has helped with anxiety and putting the mindfulness into practice stops issues escalating in my head."


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