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Break Free with Mindfulness

Swastha Midfulness meditation outdoors

There are times when life can feel like a long, uphill struggle – there is always something to do, somewhere to be or someone relying on you so it’s easy to find yourself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, unable to concentrate & always on the count down to the weekend.

Mindfulness is simply a way of training the mind that enhances our ability to pay attention to the task at hand, manage thoughts, let go of unhelpful habits & to live our experience on a moment by moment basis, in order to achieve a more relaxed, clear & focused mind.

It is about living in the here and now, rather than being stuck in the past or focused on the future and using simple practices to help us manage our thoughts.

Changing the way you think, changes your emotions, decisions, actions, the way you feel & how you look at things. A different perspective can give us the space to choose how we respond and react to situations, no matter what life throws at us.

A Mindful Approach to Life

A Mindful Approach to Life

Rooted in ancient practices which are almost 3000 years old, mindfulness is a form of meditation which has become well practiced by people from all walks of life and for a wide range of reasons, physical, mental & psychological.

Regular practice

  • Reduces anxiety, stress, exhaustion, depression, anger & irritability
  • Creates a sense of peace, contentment and happiness
  • Improves memory, creativity, reaction times and resilience
  • Improves the immune system and physical health such as reducing heart rate, blood
  • pressure and improving digestion
  • Reduces addictive and self destructive patterns, habits or behaviours
  • Enhances brain function and promotes learning
  • Increases self awareness, empathy, self esteem, self acceptance and compassion
  • Helps increase focus, concentration, calmness & mental clarity
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Increases physical & mental stamina and reduces pain

Swastha Mindfulness Classes

Small group sessions run weekly. These sessions are designed as an introduction to mindfulness for those who are new to the concept and are also suitable for those with a home practice who wish to take part in a regular formally guided group session. If you would like to take part and experience a mindfulness practice first hand contact me to book a space.

In addition, Mindfulness can be used as a specific therapeutic method or combined with other therapies according to your needs so tailored private sessions are also available. Contact me to discuss your requirements further.