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9 Jun 2020

Ayurvedic thoughts on Immunity

Tuesday is my Abel & Cole Delivery Day! The arrival of my box full of  organic, immune boosting goodness is one of the highlights of my week these days 😊 & unsurprisingly immunity is top of mind for many people at the moment. In...

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19 May 2020


I read this yesterday & decided to share it at my virtual mindfulness class because it really struck a chord with me, both given the current circumstances but also in general. I don’t know who wrote it but it’s definitely worth a...

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11 Apr 2020

A human being, not a human doing

This morning as I was scrolling through my photos I came across this one and it took me back to a moment of quiet calm I enjoyed in the ancient city of Xanthos, Turkey. Fast forward one year & we are in lockdown. I have...

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2 Mar 2020

The Power of the Mind

If you are following me on social media then you will know that I was recently lucky enough to spend a week skiing in the Italian Alps. It wasn’t my first trip but being someone who learnt to ski at a more mature age this trip was special....

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19 Feb 2020

The Face behind the Name

Hi there, I’m Helen, the face behind Swastha, and so you might have guessed I am a huge advocate for the power of holistic therapies, although my story may be a little different to what you might expect so let me explain a bit about me and...

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